5 Art Challenges

I am creating 5 challenges for myself to keep me going and creating art work. I would love to see what other people do with these challenges so as I update this post with my finished work I would like your comments or your results from the challenge.

So I am trying to keep myself excited about art, and Challenge myself to accomplish this in the next month. This is April 16th, 2019 I will give myself a month to create each of these.

1)There are the balloon smashed painting .

The  balloon smash paintings is where you pour the paint on the canvas and then let it dry a bit. Then you use a inflated balloon to smash different areas to create a star burst of color. This sounds like a fun messy piece of art that I can get behind. I will Write and post a video of this as soon as I get this done.

2)Acrylic pour through toilet paper tubes

This is one I have wanted to try and have 6-8 toilet paper tubes set on a canvas and have a coat of white or black paint down as a first coat. Then to spray the tubes with cooking spray, pour layers of paint in the tubes let them sit for a few minutes then drag the tubes up and in a C or S shape on the canvas. This is another one I will video so you can see how it looks.

3)Resin art using the items

Resin Art this is when you find a sea shell, pinecone, or another piece of nature then coated it resin. These can be paperweights, piece of art to display, or memento of a vacation or time in your life. This can be commissioned or of my own choosing.

4)Painting or drawing on existing Pours

This is where I can use my imagination and paint what I see in the pour or use the white lines to make abstractions in the pours. I have four pours right now that a look at and see animals and then want to  get them painted or drawn on top of the Acrylic Pour. One is of a cow face that has this beautiful large eye, another one is of a phoenix that looks to be rising from the ashes.

5) Creating jewelry bracelet, earrings, and necklaces Plus bookmarks and resin art creations

Okay this one is a large number of thing I could count as this challenge but I will pick one to do this time and post it here with a video. This uses the skins I create from the Acrylic Pour Paintings. I make unique one of a kind pieces of art that can be worn or used.  I have been wanting to use some of the skins to create a jellyfish on a canvas then resin over the top of it.  Wish me luck.


Okay here is the list of 5 for my challenge I hope you find them fun and interesting. Please check back to see how well they turned out or post your art from this challenge.