Creating Clothing and Home Decor

Acrylic Pour painting with Orange, Blue and Mauve colors

Acrylic Pour Painting


Created this painting as an Acrylic Pour. What is an Acrylic pour it is a process to have paint that is smooth and very liquid. There are many ways you can apply the paint to a canvas, tile, or other objects. For this one, I used a flip cup. This is where I layer the different colored paints in a cup and then flip the cup on the canvas and let all the paint flow out of the cup. Then I tilt the canvas to get the design I like.

Creating Unique Clothing

I can take the image of the painting using printful I can create unique clothing. These fashions and designs are truly one of a kind as they are created from my painting and only produced at the time of order.


Extending the Creative Process

So not only am I being creative and having fun creating the paintings. I am able to extend the creative process into fashion design creating multiple articles of clothing from a single painting. I am able to work with the colors as I place them in the model viewer of printful.

You can view some more of my creations here in my store

Home Decor 

When I create home decor items they tend to look more like the paintings themselve, then when I create fashions using printful. I have just as much fun placing the painting image on home decor items as I do with fashions. But I do not have as many variation as they all tend to start looking alike.

Using Printful Plugin


As with any new plugin or technology, there is a small learning curve when using printful.  Printful is a plugin that extends my woo-commerce website here. I have had a few issues, in the beginning, trying to get items to sync across to my website. Once they are here it has been fairly easy to style the products the way I want. I also have been able to change prices using printful and they sync very quickly.