AP24 ToothPaste Review

So I have this friend Mel and she has been selling AP24 toothpaste on Facebook. Ap24 for bright white smiles. She has done very well for herself. There have been multiple friends of Mel’s that have done AP24 toothpaste reviews and testimonials. I actually have been a hold out to try it, but I have been watching the wonderful information being posted.

She posted a Halloween game, so I thought it would be fun to try it. I might be a sucker but it may be something I really like.

Once I receive the toothpaste I will post my teeth on Day one, a Week and a Month
after I have tried it to let you know what I think.

  • I will describe the taste
  • Changes if any in my teeth colors
  • How it makes my teeth feel
  • Price and size of the product
  • How long a tube last
  • and any other valuable information.

Mel has posted some very amazing pictures and she has had some great testimonials.
She wrote “AP24 stands for anti-plaque for 24hrs”
Nu Skin is the company that produces the AP24 toothpaste

I will keep you posted.

Happy Halloween and more on my toothpaste review.

Okay, I have the toothpaste  I will post a picture of the tubes. The tubes are 4oz tubes so not the size of my crest toothpaste

So far two days of brushing my teeth feel very smooth.

Other online reviews have stated that it takes 2 weeks to see a large change in color of your teeth with AP24. Only if you are not eating or drinking food or drinks that can color your teeth. I drink coffee every morning so this might not whiten my teeth.


I have been using the AP24 and I can tell my teeth feel super smooth but I don’t think my teeth are much whiter.

Before AP24 toothpaste

Before AP24 toothpaste

After AP24 toothpaste
different phone

Disclaimer the phone that took … before the picture was a Samsung 5 and the phone that took the after the picture was a Samsung 9.

The taste

The taste is not bad it is minty, not sure but I taste something else in it kinda of chemically. All in all, it is a pleasant taste.

Teeth color

I personally don’t see much of a difference in my teeth color.  I do feel the difference in how smooth my teeth feel. I think my dentist appointment was a little shorter normally take the whole hour and I was done in 40 minutes or less.


I am not sure 20 dollars is a good price for 4oz of toothpaste.  They sell them on Amazon for 10 to 15  which is still pricey for toothpaste.

How Long it last

I bought 3 tubes on my first go-round gave one to a friend, so two tubes just for me have lasted this long.

Do I still use this product? yes i do I have am use to my teeth feeling smooth 🙂 I just re-ordered from Mel.

Interest in Purchasing

If you want to give this product a try Melanie is who I purchase it from