Montage of Video Clips from Elton John’s – Farwell Yellow Brick Road

Okay, I was one of the lucky ones that got to go to Elton John’s- Farwell Yellow Brick Road Tour 2019. But I have a great story that makes this even better as I was almost didn’t go.

First, back in May 2018, my husband, George, bought the tickets for our Valentine presents. He sent me the date of the concert in Omaha, what I thought was 2/19. So I placed it on my calendar as 2/19. YAY!!!, we are going to the Elton John Concert 2019.

What Happened?

So what happened is I am a Continuing Educations instructor, and I had picked up a class to teach, with the idea that it was okay to do so since the concert on my calendar was 2/19. I taught until about 9 on 2/11 (Monday), so that evening when I get home my husband confirms what time he will be picking me up to take me to the concert in Omaha. I pretty much break down saying it is not this week, but next and he confirms it is 2/12, not 2/19.  Ugh! I made a huge mistake, but I scramble and email the truth of all this to my Boss.  We talk the next day and she is super understanding of my predicament.  She emails the class that I will explain the next day and we will make up the class.

I go to the Concert, it was amazing, and such a life experience.  This video does not do the show justice, but I wanted to share some of it.  I also want to post a tribute out to my class about how sweet they were to me Wednesday when I apologized and explained the problem. This Montage is for everyone but most to these great people I have the privilege of teaching and working.

I created a montage of the videos I recorded to give a sample of the show.

Hoping you enjoy what I was able to capture.

If you are able, try and make it to one of his concerts it is totally worth it.

Also, support his Love is the Cure  #loveisthecure to help people with aids

The video